Tilldale Farm




About Us


"Tilldale Farm in the Valley of the Owls"

We are truly committed to taking great care of our animals, our land and our family.

Friends, neighbors and customers partner with us in sustainable agriculture.

A small, family farm.

Tilldale Grassfed Beef - Why is it special?

Our beef spend their whole lives outside in the fresh air and sunshine, eating fresh grass or our own hay in winter. ...where nature intended!

Small Farm - We have choosen to be a small family owned / operated farm. We raise all the beef we sell on our farm

We can tell you which animal your beef comes from because we track all of our cattle for "Certified Organic" records. This is great for you because we can personally guarantee the quality of our beef!

Experience is the key.

We have been farming for 35 years on this family farm and certified organic for 13 years. We use no antibiotic, hormone, growthpromotants??, insecticides or herbicides in our farming practices.

Since we are a very small operation, you will speak to us when you call or we return your call.