Tilldale Farm






Grass Fed Organic Beef
From the "Valley of the Owls" in northeastern New York.

Discover the satisfaction of knowing the origins of your food.

River and Rail Farms d/b/a Tilldale Farm is a certified organic farm raising certified grassfed beef and pasture raised pork, poultry and eggs.

We utilize managed rotational grazing to ensure both a healthy farm and high quality heritage Red Devon beef.

Pasture raised pork and poultry enjoy the goodness of sunshine, green grass and supplemented with locally milled grains.

Visit us at the farm to purchase our meats and eggs year round, 22 Tilley Lane, Hoosick Falls NY. Known as the “Valley of the owls” Our farm is bisected by Route 7, on the Vermont line.

If you are traveling through the area and want to preorder items for your weekend trip give us a buzz at 717-202-5842 or email us at riverandrailfarms@gmail.com We are happy to prep an order for you!

Find us at the Delmar Saturday Farmers Market May - Dec.

The farm was originally owned by the Tilley family for several generations, most recently under the hand of Danny and Joanne Tilley they converted the farm to a certified organic dairy, and then to a grassfed beef and diversified livestock farm. In early 2022 as the Tilley’s retired they sold the farm to 3 siblings, Erin, Lauren and Matthew Williams. The three are excited to carry on their traditions and bring some of their own to the farm.

We look forward to sharing our family farm with your family!



Heritage beef cattle are not designed by nature to consume grain. Grass feeding produces a healthy animal that yields a wonderfully flavored meat, which is high in CLA's and OMEGA 3's.

The proper ratio of these fatty acids is much healthier for human consumption.


DEVON breed of Cattle